Lighters & Torches

Lighters & Torches: No setup can truly be complete without the most basic, but most necessary tool: the classic lighter. Or if you’re a dabber, a torch. Ditch the traditional BIC that has a bulky safety and you can’t refill when it runs out. That’s just wasteful. All of our lighters are refillable and reusable so we can all help keep the planet just a little bit cleaner and save you a couple of bucks on buying a new lighter every single week. Torches are a serious investment. They spit freaking flames out at ridiculous temperatures and can be really dangerous if not handled properly. They can also be really dangerous if you don't get the right one for what you’re doing. If you’re dabbing, you’re going to want something that’s heavy duty with an adjustable flame and has a safety. We’ve got you covered.